Tales from Abroad

Last week, I was lucky to be sent to Montpellier France for a food trade mission that was being organized by Sud de France in co-operation with Vinisud. While there, I went on a factory tour at our supplier of French olives, BARNIER. The owner and my friend, Hubertine was commenting that it looked like it was going to be a hot summer. The magnolias were already in bloom, and the insects were starting to fly around. In that region, on one side you have the Mediteranean and the other side, an inland sea, where the flamingoes spend the winter.

One of the dinners was held in the Sud de France building, that had a food market on the ground floor. For Torontonians, their fish counter was a revelation. This fish looked so fresh, they were almost swimming in the display. Platters of oysters, the tiniest of smelts lightly sauteed, were served as appetizers. Savoy cabbage was in season, so that seemed to be the vegetable of choice at most of my meals.

                                                                                                                                 - Anna Marie Kalcevich