A photo of my grandmother, Donna Pasquale, my mother, Georgina Madott and my four children in 1984

Our Story  - A Family Run Business for 100 Years.

Pasquale Brothers means different things to different people. When Pasquale Brothers was first established in 1917 by my grandfather, Edward Pasquale, its sole purpose was to supply fellow Italian immigrants with familiar foods. The high quality of our merchandise was quickly recognized by a broad range of ethnic groups and through word-of-mouth; Pasquale Brothers became a ‘ Mecca ‘ for the rapidly growing and diverse population of Toronto eventually growing to manufacture its own products.  

In 1969 Pasquale Brothers decided to focus its energy on the store, where our passion for food flourished, and the manufacturing end was consolidated into Unico. Our store at 145 King Street East was located next to the St. Lawrence Market and was right in the heart of the old city of York (c. 1787). As Torontonians interest in food grew, our store became a gathering place for people with a passion for food. Chefs mingled with regular customers; recipes, cooking tips and travel adventures were all exchanged right in the midst of our store and amongst the very ingredients that often became the topic of conversation.

In 1981 we expanded to our 217 King St. location. As the global marketplace grew, Toronto became an internationally renowned city; culinary tastes changed and so did our product line. No longer did we just supply the finest food products of Italy , but of greater Europe and the world. Looking at our shelves you will find many kinds of Olive Oil sitting comfortably beside Jambalaya, Soya Sauce, Wasabi and a variety of hot sauces and marinades. Parmesan, Mozzarella and Asiago share space with Feta, Manchego, Gouda and Camembert. You’ll find the finest Black Forest Ham and Montreal Smoked Meat sitting next to Prosciutto and Salami. Among the other eclectic ingredients are spices, cooking oils, vinegars, mustards, pastas, rices, Creole, Middle Eastern and Asian ingredients.

We’ve been at our Etobicoke location for 13 years now. Our modern warehouse allows us to stock more of the items you’ve asked for and deliver them more efficiently. Please click on our 'Products' page to view our entire product offerings.

Through the years, we have remained true to the vision of our founder Edward C. Pasquale Sr. and his son-in-law, (my father) Henry Madott who wanted nothing more than to offer some of the finest food products served by a knowledgeable staff.

My grandfather and father would be so pleased to see my daughter, Christina, and her husband, Tony, have joined me at the store as we look beyond our first 100 years.

While our website can show you some of our products and provide information for your convenience, you can only experience food by visiting our store in person. Even in our new store you can feel the tradition of 100 years of food passion. We’ve laid out the finest quality ingredients the world has to offer.

Please, accept our humble invitation to visit us at our home, take your time looking at our highest quality ingredients and take in the aromas that surround you.

Yours in good taste,

Tony Burt, Christina Kalcevich and Anna Marie Kalcevich (3rd and 4th generation Pasquales).


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